C10100 Ofc Copper Rod Cooper Bar

No hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon,RRR value >350

Oxygen content
First Class(Level One)
C10100 Ofc Copper Rod Cooper Bar

C10100 anaerobic copper rod is a metal copper rod with high purity, high conductivity and low oxygen content. It is the raw material of electronic vacuum industry and wire drawing, widely used in the manufacture of vacuum arc-killing chamber, ultra-fine electromagnetic wire, electronic components, electromagnetic shielding and other high-end products, with excellent performance and stable quality.

C10100/TU00 Oxygen-free copper rods have the following advantages:

  • High conductivity, up to 102% IACS, can effectively reduce resistance and loss, improve efficiency and energy saving.
  • The oxygen content is low, only 3ppm, and the final form is completed in an oxygen-free environment, which can prevent oxidation and embritculation and ensure the reliability and life of the product.
  • High purity, low impurity content, can ensure product uniformity and consistency, to meet the strict requirements of high-end customers.
  • High strength, good toughness, can withstand high temperature, high pressure, high strength of processing and use conditions, to adapt to a variety of complex working environment.
  • The surface is smooth, without pores, cracks and other defects, which can provide good electromagnetic shielding effect to prevent interference and signal loss.

C10100/TU00 Specifications for oxygen free copper rods:

  • Diameter:φ2.6-120mm
  • Length: customized according to customer requirements
  • Hardness: can be customized according to customer requirements of different hardness of extrusion bar and draw bar
  • Purity:more than 99.995%
  • Oxygen content≤3ppm
  • Hydrogen content≤1ppm


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