6n-8n Ultra-high Purity Copper

The company has devoted itself to the research and development of the first ultra-high purity copper production line in China, which can continuously produce 6N – 8N ultra-high purity copper in batches. The ultra-high purity copper produced by the company has low impurity content, which can remove designated impurities according to the needs, safety and environmental protection, stable quality, break the monopoly of foreign ultra-high purity copper materials, and solve the domestic ultra-high purity copper independent supply capacity.

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High Purity Oxygen-free Copper

The company has the first large-scale and stable production of TU00/C10100 high-purity oxygen-free copper production line, the overall production line independent research and development design, vacuum level continuous casting production, zero defects of products, with high purity Cu ≥ 99.995%, ultra-low oxygen content O≤3ppm, high stability, high density (ultra-low gas content H≤ 1ppm), 100 times tissue detection without microscopic pores and other excellent characteristics.

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Processing Services

With advanced equipment and technology, the company can process ultra-high purity copper powder, copper ingots, copper rods, copper pipes, copper plates, copper particles and other specified form products.

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Detection Services

The company's advanced testing instruments and equipment, exquisite staff, can provide copper and other metal materials purity, strength, conductivity and other testing services.

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Precision Manufacturing

The company's precision manufacturing and machining center has more than 100 sets of precision processing equipment such as various CNC machine tools. The industry's leading technicians who operate these precision equipment have long experience and rich experience.

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